Rules for participation

Rules for participation

Participants at the Congress who wish so can submit a summary of their paper or poster proposals to the email that appears in the Time for Discussion sessions (working groups) where they wish to make their contribution.

Paper presentations should follow the attached form communication proposals. Similarly, paper presentations should follow the attached format poster proposals.

Papers written by more than one author should include a contact name, which may be any of the authors regardless of the order of authorship. The contact author will be the person in contact with the Conference’s organising committee.

Each author may submit a maximum of two works, which should include a contact author, although he/she may appear as co-author in all texts in which he/she has participated.

Key dates

  • Submission of abstracts:  from 15 May  2016 to september 4, 2016
  • Confirmation of abstract acceptance: until 10 July 2016
  • Full text submission: until 1 October 2016

* Only those paper or poster proposals that comply with these rules for participation and whose authors have registered for the Congress by 22 July (general registration period) will be included.

Language of the Congress

The official language of the Congress is Spanish. The full texts of papers are admitted in Spanish, Basque or English. They must be preceded by an abstract in the language used (Spanish or Basque), in addition to English. The oral presentation will be in Spanish.

Presentation of papers and posters.

Once notification of abstract or poster acceptance has been received,  speakers must submit a full text as a necessary requirement for the presentation of their communications at the Congress.  The deadline for the submission of full texts is 1 October (23:59 GMT).

Submitted texts must be original, and must not have been published and/or presented previously.

The Congress will feature an electronic publication with its corresponding ISBN. Authors should consent to the publication of their work or communicate in advance their wish that their work not be published.

The full texts must have a maximum length of 12 pages including tables and bibliographical references and must be submitted according to the rules published to that effect.

Certificates for Congress attendees

Certificates of attendance and presentation of communications will be distributed to participants at the Congress. It is not possible to obtain a certificate without being adequately registered for the Congress